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3 September 2014

G-Spot Mega Clean glass cleaner

While we have always assumed that cleaning solutions are a bit of a fad and usually just buy some cleaning alcohol. We decided to give one a go and see how it compared to our usual alternatives. We got our hands on a bottle of G-Spot Mega Clean Glass cleaning formula at what seemed like a rather expensive price. We used it on several of our bongs and our new 420 Glass Pipe.

We used it on the bongs first and were rather dubious by its claims of adding a small amount of cleaner for it to work. We added a few sprays around the interior and around the joints before filling it with hot water. We left it to sit for around 20 minutes before emptying the solution from the bongs.



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The solution made a very noticeable difference straight away and after rinsing the bongs, the glass appeared very clean apart from a couple of more heavily tarred regions. However after a quick scrub with a cleaning brush, the bong looked almost new. It also leaves a lovely subtle orange smell which was nice in comparison to the usual smell that other cleaners give.

The pipe was handled in the same way, 2-3 sprays were added around the bowl and inside the column. We added some hot water and then left it to soak for 20 minutes before rinsing through. This time there was no need for any brushing as it was thoroughly cleaned and again had a lovely clean smell.

The product might cost a bit more than an unbranded solvent or some other bong cleaners out there but it did prove to be reasonably economic. For £10 you get a bottle containing 100ml. It might not seem like a lot but then the amount you use with each application is very minimal. After cleaning both bongs and our pipe, we had used very little of the solution and it will easily last us a long time.

Overall it’s a great little product that has helped change our mind about cleaning products. Even if it’s more expensive than some of its competitors and unbranded solvents, it manages to be more economical overall. We are giving the product a 9/10 for working brilliantly and leaving our glassware smelling fresh. We would highly recommend this product and look forward to hearing your opinion.

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