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23 September 2014 headshop review is a UK based online headshop stocking various items from bongs to cannabis seeds. They also operate out of a warehouse in North West London allowing for in person collection of items. Since we weren’t close enough to use this, we stuck to their online service and ordered a few items to test them out.



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Now it might not be the most attractive site you will have ever seen and adopts a pretty simple look, but this shouldn’t put you off. What they lack in style they have in selection. They store a vast array of items to choose from which should suit whatever you are looking from. They have the everyday items such as papers and lighters to the much expensive items such as bongs and pollen presses.

Each section of the site is pretty well set out and you can usually find what your looking for with relative ease. Some of the more obscure items are harder to find being hidden inside a few sub menus. However the quick find function on the site helps to make this a bit easier.

Our order was handled quickly and efficiently and was brought for a pretty good price, the one downside on price is the postage which can be a bit expensive for those low value purchases. The Items were quickly dispatched and arrived within a couple of days. The packaging was relatively discreet so if you are looking for a bit of stealth shipping you shouldn’t have much issue with this service.

Overall the site has a fantastic stock and is well maintained. Although there was a couple of downsides with postage costs and difficulty of finding certain items, the company did do a pretty good job. We are giving a 8/10 and would highly recommend them to those in the UK, we cannot comment on their international shipping since we only tried the domestic shipping. If you found this review helpful then please leave a comment below!

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