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4 September 2014

Head Chef Blitzer Rotary Grinder

For some of us, having a good grinder to hand is one of the essential steps of rolling. With such a vast range of types, prices and brands on the market it’s often hard to find a grinder that suits you. Since for us it’s an essential bit of paraphernalia we decided to review some of our favourites. The Blitzer rotary grinder by Head Chef was a grinder we actually were given for free but doesn’t cost a lot at £14.95.



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While some people might be put off buying a grinder which costs almost £15, it’s certainly not the most expensive on the market. This 4 part grinder comes in either a black or silver finish and is certainly big enough for anyone’s needs. Measuring 63 mm in diameter it’s the biggest grinder in the Head Chef range and one of the biggest you can get.

The 4 part grinder features a screen at the bottom and comes with a scraper to help collect any keif that is collected. While this isn’t an uncommon feature it works well and adds something which we like. The grinding mechanism uses a crank handle that allows it to work effectively but doesn’t really make the process any easier than a standard grinder. It was also a bit more difficult to get started when the chamber is heavily filled.

The grinding teeth are reasonably sharp and grind the material into a nice consistency but did let through a few larger chunks. Some pieces also got stuck in the holes, which wasn’t ideal. The grinder is also a bit of a nuisance to clean because of the grinding mechanism, but not a huge amount of material became stuck on the teeth.

Overall it’s a pretty decent grinder which feels pretty sturdy due to its weight and size. We can see the mechanism perhaps becoming less effective the more often it’s used but did manage to stand up to our testing. It might seem expensive to those who buy the cheap plastic crap, but it’s well worth the money. We are giving the grinder an 8/10 and would highly recommend it, let us know what you thought below.

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