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8 September 2014

Skunk Brand Rolling Papers Review

Another set of papers we got recently were the Skunk branded king size slim papers. Skunk papers come in various types and sizes such as flavoured and extra wide. Price wise the papers are on the cheaper end of the spectrum for the standard papers but slightly more expensive for the flavoured varieties.

The papers are made from genuine hemp fibre and they are a well established brand that has been around since 1994. The king size slim comes with the normal 32 leaves per packet and has similar dimensions to other brands. The paper is pretty thin which was preferential for us as we don’t like smoking a lot of paper.



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The papers are easy to roll with and provide plenty of surface area to work with. Even being thin, they proved to be relatively strong and held up well during the rolling process. The gum seems to stick pretty well but we did find they occasionally unravelled when burned.

The smoking stage was when these papers let us down a bit and made us lower our opinion of the brand. They tend to add a rather odd taste to the smoke, it’s not the horrible chemically taste that some papers have but it still wasn’t all that pleasant.

The papers also didn’t burn very straight which caused us to waste a fair amount of our smoking mix. This seemed to happen slightly less frequently if heavily packed but was still an issue.. This along with the fact they tended to unravel some of the time really brings the overall quality down.

Overall the papers are decent but not brilliant, they had a few issues which has negatively affected the score but also a few positives such as the cheap price. We have therefore decided to give the papers a 7/10 and would recommend them if you like a stronger tasting paper but make sure you roll them well to minimise the issues.

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