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15 September 2014

Smoking De Luxe Rolling Papers

Smoking papers are a well established brand which offers various types, sizes and prices to suit anyone’s needs. We recently got our hands on a packet of their De Luxe King Size slim papers in order to try them out. The De Luxe papers promise to be ultra thin and slow burning which is the ideal type for us. However as we commonly find out, brands don’t always live up to their promises.

The papers come as standard with 33 leaves per pack and measure to the pretty standard size for king size slim. While this is our preferred size of papers, they also offer them in rips, cones and regular papers so should match your needs. The papers are nice and thin but don’t really live up to the ultra thin branding.



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The papers roll with relative ease, however we did have a problems in this area. This was that we found a few of the papers in each pack to be inside out. In other words the gum was on the opposite side from the crease. This resulted in us wasting a few papers in each pack when we didn’t initially notice. We still aren’t sure if this was just down to a dodgy batch or it’s a common problem with the brand.

The papers were pretty nice to smoke, having a noticeable but not unpleasant taste, we found that they also burned nice and slowly and helped improve the overall experience. One problem we did have here however was that it was yet again another brand which consistently burns sideways.

Overall we are pretty split on these papers, while they were nice to smoke the small niggles we had with them have affected the score. They may not be the most expensive papers around but they also are not exactly the highest of quality. We have decided to award the papers a 7/10 and would cautiously recommend them since there are better alternatives on the market. If you have found this review helpful then please feel free to leave a comment below.

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