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5 September 2014

The House I Live In

The drug war is a holocaust in slow motion! The House I Live In (2012) is an in depth documentary which takes a look at the effects of the drug war in America. It explores the issue from its terrible origins through to the current overzealous approach to law enforcement. With interviews with dealers, narcotics officers, inmate and judges, it takes a hard look at the human rights implications of the current system.

The House I Live In is one of those rare documentaries, which not only strengthens our opinion on drug prohibition but also has the power to change people’s minds. It successfully manages to look at both sides of the argument and express an overall opinion without belittling the other side. You might think you know what goes on behind the scenes, but what we are spoon fed by the media is only the tip of the iceberg.



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The documentary takes a good look at the reasons behind drug prohibition in the first place and how it stemmed from a hatred of minority immigrants. This was a different approach from the modern take on racial profiling we see. It truly left us wondering how anyone can claim that the war on drugs doesn’t have a heavy racial implication.

The main thing that the documentary portrays is that it doesn’t take a strong pro drug argument and instead focuses on the effects of drug policy itself. It doesn’t fail to explore the stories of those involved on all sides of the argument and bring fresh light to the human rights violations that are faced.

The fallout from drug laws doesn’t simply affect those who are incarcerated. It destroys communities with much greater effect than the drugs themselves. The only people who are profiting from the war on drugs are those who own the prisons, with for profit prisons being filled with drug users and dealers.

Overall it’s an outstanding documentary which focuses on a different element from most drug related films. It’s a penetrating look at how the drug war leads to a larger problem than the use of drugs in the first place. We are giving the film a 9/10 for being a truly enlightening film which we would highly recommend. If you haven’t seen the film yet, then we urge you to watch and hope you will share it with others. If you have seen the film, then why not leave a comment and let us know what you thought!

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