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About Us

The Stoned Review was started as a small blog by a group of British friends in April 2013, since then The Stoned Review has grown into a full website that is being used around the world everyday. We are constantly finding ways to improve our website but progress is currently slow. We built the site in the hope that we could bring honest and impartial reviews to the stoner community. We understand that some people may have issues with our sites message and we simply want to say that we do not intend to mislead anyone and see ourselves as a source of information.

What we can do for you!

If you have a site or have a new product that you are trying to get out there then we are always willing to help, we know how difficult it can be to get out there. If you want us to review a product that you have created or take a look at your site then why not drop us an email, however please be aware that we are currently very busy and replies may take a few days.

Guest Reviews

We originally decided not to have guest articles on the website due to wanting to maintain our own style, however we have now decided to accept guest articles and will be happy to hear from you. Please be aware that we cannot offer payment for guest writing but will do our best to drive traffic to your page and will give full credit for the article.

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