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Stoner Gadgets and Products

So you want to get a vaporizer, it can be a tough choice with so many available on the market to find the one just for you. From portable to free standing vaporizers there is a vast collection of brands and products available for purchase. Well we want to make it easier for you to choose so we are trying the best on the market and reviewing them for you.

Atmos Raw Review

Da Buddha Vaporizer Review

DaVinci Vaporizer Review

Easy Vape Review

Iolite Original Review

Magic Flight Launch Box Review

Silver Surfer Review

Volcano Vaporizer Review

Choosing a new bong can sometimes be a hard task, there are so many brands of bong out there that it can be an impossible task to choose one that’s right for you. We want to help you with that task, so we will be bringing you bong reviews to help you choose the bong that you want.

Black Leaf Nautilus Bong Review

Dude Bongs Review

EHLE 250 Bong Review

Roor 250 Rasta Bong Review

Tired of using the same old rolling papers all the time, well we are trying as many brands as possible to try and give you a helping hand with finding those perfect papers for you.

aLeda Transparent Rolling Papers Review

Bob Marley Rolling Papers Review

Elements Rolling Papers Review

Highland Rolling Papers Review

Juicy Jays Rolling Paper Review

OCB Black Rolling Papers Review

Raw Rolling Papers Review

Roor Rolling Papers Review

There is a lot of random smoking products and supplements on the internet and in shops but how many of them are actually any good and not just a waste of money. Well we are here to help and have tried some products for you so that you don't lose out on some bullshit product.

420 Glass Mini Spoon Pipe

G-Spot Mega Clean Review

Head Chef Blitzer Grinder Review

Super Skunk Smoking Mixture Review

Tasty Puff Tobacco Flavouring Review